This climbing dining chair uses children's curiosity and hyperactivity in the form of climbing to train children's initiative in eating and prepare a learning environment for children


Create children's private space through wooden house modeling, integrating the functions of storage, climbing, leisure interaction and so on. Moreover, children have their own space, make their own arrangement and arrangement, and integrate game rest, reading, parent-child interaction and the storage of personal belongings.

Beech Veneer Rectangular Classroom Tables

This classic table will blend effortlessly into any nursery or classroom environment.

Toddler Low Square Table H380mm

Durable table, designed for younger children.

Large Natural Wooden Table H400mm

This communal table allows a larger group of children to sit together, making it ideal for both lunchtimes or table-based activities.

Solid Beech Stackable Chairs 4pk
Toddler Wooden Chair

Classic Beech Stackable Chairs 4pk. The simple styling ensures these chairs will look good in your classroom for years.

Toddler Wooden Chair

Specifically designed for younger children, a practical, robust, wooden chair.

kids study desk and chair set

This multifunctional children's table and chair set can be used as a table, chair, stool or shelf, and is a piece of very practical furniture.

Set of wood table and two wooden bunny chairs for your little one in Natural Wood Color.

This table is a brand new handcrafted table that allows children to access stimulating activities at their height. The Montessori approach promotes self-directed activities and hands-on learning which is exactly what this table encourages.

There are endless activities to fill your sensory table with, kinetic sand, leaves and rocks, rice, playdough, and many more, your child will spend hours playing and developing skills.

The kitchen tower does not only help in kitchen tasks but also an indispensable tool in situations when a child needs to wash his hands in the washing basin or to clean teeth.

Our Learning tower is designed to be used in the toddler's room as a pretend shop. The step serves as a chair and the platform as a table. It has two built-in shop shelves for hours of engaging play.

The standing tower is a safe device to step up and oversee the countertop and it will greatly alleviate young parents' care and give much more free time in the kitchen.

The highchair for the kitchen will become not only a friend for your child but also a family member who is always ready to help your little ones get to hard-to-reach places and achieve new goals.

Keep your little ones busy, let them help you in kitchen, teach your kids how to cook, wash dishes or brush teeth.

Cooking, washing dishes, watching your parents are now an easy and safe-learning game for your child.

With this Kitchen Tower Stool for Kids, your little one can see the world from a whole new perspective! Each one offers a platform height of 17.75,” allowing toddlers to reach kitchen counters, tabletops, and even the sink. Not only does it help them explore their surroundings and satisfy their curiosity, but it also gives you the opportunity to teach them everyday skills. Thanks to an innovative 2-in-1 design, our toddler kitchen step stool transforms into a table and chair! With a desk made ju

Adjustable high chair

- indispensable for students, but also ideal for young children. - This will help to form your child’s correct posture while writing. - suitable for tables of standard height - very convenient for children at the common dining table. The chair is designed for children from 3 years


When a baby’s feet are dangling, they tend to move and fidget more as they seek a comfortable position. This distraction keeps them from focusing on the real task at hand - eating! When babies and toddlers feel stable and comfortable in their highchair, they want to stay in there longer and participate in eating.

Children's growing highchair with removable table.